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More than 17 years ago, Paula and Micheal inadvertently caught up with each other one summer morning at a meditation retreat in Connecticut. Real estate and the Market was the discussion during breaks as Paula told Micheal about her business coach and how she works real estate as a business, with high client standards. Micheal, an architect for 20 years was intrigued. Who knew that a chance encounter would turn into the wildly successful partnership that is now the Bradfield Ramsey Group?

To date, Paula and Micheal have added talent to become the top real estate team in the area.Their mission? To create jaw dropping experiences for their buyers and sellers. To that end,they have created a team of experts.

Currently, Paula and Micheal live on a 37 acre Ranch and Goat Farm near Salida Colorado. Paula’s sons, Sean and Taylor live in Portland and Tucson respectively. Micheal’s boys are in Chicago and Alamosa CO. Paula is passionate about her clients, and in her off time, about fly fishing, her horse Rio, her dog Jack., and her Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

Micheal loves his work and loves his off time. He is a consummate cook and drums with River Tribe, an African drum and dance troop in Salida. He can often be found somewhere on their 37 acres designing gardens, outbuildings and water features on Oak Creek which runs through our place.

Marilou runs the back office for the team. She makes sure that our documents and under contract process and listing procedures are done perfectly. She also loves basketball and learning. She is always surprising me with the skill and dedication she brings to every task.

Bridget, an executive assistant with over 20 years experience helps us all keep our feet on the ground as we exceed our clients’ expectations. She is the first point of contact and is command central. Bridget is a mom, a grand mother, a wife and in the midst of it all… a loving family oriented woman. She brings that warmth and high standard of conduct to her work on the team. When I asked her what she likes the most about the job, her respond was profound "Oh, the customer experience, of course".

Marilou Casimiro

Micheal Ramsey

Paula Bradfield